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I remember now why i woke up

2008-11-30 10:03:00 by Geognosis

I run a table top D20 game. and was looking for more music to fit into the background when we get together and dork it up. So far i have been able to find a few good songs on here. Coxukr definately does a good job with a few of his tracks. anyone got any idea's where i can find more? genre hunting doesn't work so well for me. I'm impatient and lazy when it comes to searching. p.s. Searching music to Role play to doesn't work.


2008-11-30 09:29:38 by Geognosis

I am tired
Not sure why i got plenty of sleep last night. or maybe its because i slept too much? ahh well. whats up NG people. Mad love for all the people up all night long surfing the web watching funny flash animations and listening to all the free tunes. gotta love it though ya know the net is the hotness.